I Hate Metal Skin Staples
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Eliminate Traumatic Metal Skin Staples
For Routine Skin Closure


I, the undersigned, strongly believes that traumatic metal skin staples that pierce & puncture the skin are ‘barbaric’ and have become obsolete for routine skin closure of surgical incisions. Due to safe, effective and more patient-centric skin closure alternatives (absorbable sutures and absorbable staples) available at this time that place an absorbable fastener “underneath the skin”, I recommend the elimination of traumatic metal skin staples for the routine closure of incisions. (I do understand that there may be some circumstances when metal skin staples may be clinically justifiable.)

Traumatic metal skin staples are placed outside the skin. They pierce & puncture the skin which may result in increased pain, anxiety, and the potential of ‘railroad track scars’. In addition, traumatic metal skin staples require removal which adds cost, inconvenience and may be painful.

In today’s more patient-centric environment, I believe the use of traumatic metal skin staples, without first informing any patient of effective alternatives that do not pierce & puncture the skin, is a violation of the Universal Patient’s Bill of Rights.



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